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Embrace New EVs Today with Mangino Chevrolet

We always look for ways to help drivers enjoy the open road. One way we can manage this is by introducing a new way of driving - all-electric vehicles. These EVs give you a fun way to look at your commute and provide easy maintenance plans while contributing fewer emissions into the air. With numerous tax incentives and many ways to charge your vehicle, you may not go back once you've test driven an EV.

Are you interested in learning more about our expanding EV roster? We can help you determine which EV is right for your lifestyle with the information below. Let us know when you want to schedule a test drive!

Which EV is Right for You?

While all-electric models are fun, they aren't the only options available. We want to ensure you get the right choice, which is why we're happy to detail three choices for you.


Fully electric cars help you ditch the need for fuel and limit your maintenance costs, providing you with an efficient driving experience without asking you to go with more traditional engine options


Plug-in hybrids utilize a similar setup to traditional hybrids but allow you to recharge your electric battery with an included charging cable. You can enjoy a short all-electric range without needing to worry about gas!


Powered by an electric motor and gas-powered engine, Hybrids recharge as you drive. Tax credits and other benefits may not apply.


Perks of living electric

Smart Way to Drive

Low cost of ownership

Zero Tailpipe Emissions

No fuel to burn

Less Scheduled Maintenance

No more oil changes

Take the HOV lane

Save time on your commute by taking the High Occupancy Vehicle lane in select states

State Tax Incentives

Buying an EV could qualify you for state tax incentives

Best of Both Worlds

Plug-in hybrids provide electric range for short trips and gas-power for longer journeys.

More Multitasking

Charge up while you shop, work or do whatever else you want to do with your time

Battery Limited Warranty

Covers your battery and specific electric propulsion components for 8 years or 100,000 miles

Extended Courtesy Transportation

Complete Care covers Courtesy Transportation for 8 years or 100,000 miles for covered warranty repairs

Utility Incentives

Installing a home charger may qualify you for local utility incentives

More Fun

Near instant torque means more get-up-and-go

Benefits of EVs

So, you've decided which engine is right for you. Or maybe you haven't. Are you still unsure why an EV might suit you better than a traditional gas-powered model? We can help! The EV lineup holds many benefits, extending past just ditching the need for gas. Explore the reasons below and see why they might work best for you.

  • Less Scheduled Maintenance: You won't need to worry about oil changes, engine filter replacements, or other standard gas engine maintenance and repairs.
  • Smarter Way to Drive: You'll save money on gas, regular maintenance, and more, thanks to the EV's low cost of ownership.
  • State and Federal Tax Incentives: Buying an EV may qualify you for state tax incentives. An EV can also save you on a federal tax credit of up to $7,000.
  • Best of Gas and Electric Power: Plug-in hybrid models provide an electric range for short trips and improve range with gas power.
  • Limited Battery Warranty: All Chevy vehicles that run on electric power offer an eight-year/100,000-mile limited warranty for their batteries.
  • Zero Tailpipe Emissions: Thanks to limited or no fuel burning, EVs provide you improved carbon emissions and even zero tailpipe emissions with all-electric model.

Charging Options

Ready to consider an EV? You'll want to learn more about your charging options when you buy an all-electric vehicle! You aren't limited to finding the closest station to you, thankfully! You can charge at home or on the road - whichever works best for your lifestyle! Consider your following charging options!

  • Level 1: Level 1 chargers use standard household outlets, charging about 2-5 miles of range per hour. A level 1 charger is typically a good choice for plug-in hybrid vehicles, which don't offer longer ranges.
  • Level 2: You can install Level 2 chargers at home with the help of a professional electrician. This setup can charge about 10-20 miles of range per hour. This can be good for EV owners who can charge their vehicle overnight after a day of driving to and from work.
  • Level 3: Fast charging provided by Level 3 chargers are the most efficient and often the option at public charging stations. Level 3 chargers provide about 60-80 miles of range in about 20 minutes, providing you with a quick recharge when you're on the road.


Welcome to going from A to B in an EV. Discover the benefits of driving an EV powered by Ultium, GM's game-changing EV battery platform. Built with the ultimate range, power and flexibility, our Ultium electric vehicle battery platform is helping put everyone in an EV - moving us closer to a world with zero tailpipe emissions.

Will an EV fit your lifestyle? We're making sure it will. From luxury and performance cars to daily commuters, pickups and SUVs, the modular Ultium Platform can power EVs of every type and at every price point.

What is Ultium?

  • Ultium is a game-changing electric vehicle platform

  • Built on a flexible battery architecture

  • For the production of EVs across different vehicle types

  • With outstanding power, range and performance
  • How is Ultium going to change my life?

  • Ultium gives you EV choices

  • Provides a thrilling driving experience

  • Makes it easy for you to stay charged

  • And offers you the range to hit the road with confidence

    Eager to learn more about the EV lineup at Mangino Chevrolet? Contact our team! We'll help you embrace a futuristic way of driving today!

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